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14 Jan
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It’s hard to believe that air pollution can harm our skin as smoking and be exposed to the sun ray. There are some poisons which hurt the skin. These poisons cause diseases such as eczema, acne, and skin allergy because dirt and smoke layers block your skin pores. It also makes you look like an ill person.

Living in a polluted area makes your skin sick and colorless and also dirty. Even if you’re regularly washing your face you can still notice an oily dirt layer on your skin which is the result of living in an area full of smoke and dust.

 Regardless of your living place, you should protect your skin. You may not notice the tiny flowing dirt particles, but poisonous fumes affect your skin by free electrons.   This happens by the oxygen of your skin reaction to the strange molecules. These atoms are important because they can make a chain of negative chain-reactions in your DNA. Basically, you should consider the things can be caused by air pollution such as cancer, heart attack, and diabetes.

In polluted air, some skin problems will be exacerbated. Who has a background of skin allergies experience more problems in this situation. It’s recommended to wash our face and hands twice a day with hot water and soup. Then you should use moisturizer after washing.

It’s also said that using too much of detergents may cause dry skin. When it comes to air pollution, we recommend that people with sensitive, fusible and acne skinned skin don’t use make-up, and those who put make-up on shouldn’t have them over the face for more than 24 hours.

The other recommendation is to drink so much liquid. Milk and water keep your body away from poisons. Remember to use healthy water, trustful mineral water or boiled water is highly recommended.





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