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3 Jan
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air pollution





Air pollution is a common problem for big cities and its side effects are also known for all of us. The health problems that are caused because of air pollution are mostly seen in children, elderly or people with lung or heart diseases.

But how can we prevent the bad effect of it? By having a healthy diet, we can do that or at least decrease the harm that it may cause.

The best things to eat are fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables like grapefruits, mangos, strawberries, oranges or broccoli and onions are such.

They all have Vitamin C that is an essential vitamin to fight the pollution.

Other vitamins that can help us with the matter are vitamin E and A.

So, to fight the air pollution don’t forget about the role of fruits and vegetables.

A dangerous element of our body is lead which is found in air, our foods and also water and the final destination of this harmful element is our bones. To decrease the harmful effects that this element can bring to our body we can use dairy products especially drinking milk.

Calcium, iron and vitamin C are the best things to help us with it. Calcium can be found in all dairy products, the vitamin can be found in most fruits especially the citrus ones and iron can be found in spinach and greenest vegetables.

Drinking tea is also a great help because it has anti-oxidant but never mix it with milk because it decreases the effect of milk and also itself. The mixture of two is not suggested.

It would be wonderful if less pollution was in the air and if fewer cars were moving around us but the reality is something else and the only thing that we can do is to cope with the problem and the way that we can fight the problem is to have a proper diet.

So, don’t forget eating fruits, vegetables and drinking tea and milk but separately.

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