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23 Aug
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Are you one of those people that every time they want to do something think of how old they are? Does your age affect your decisions? Some people care and some don’t care at all. What about doing something exciting to increase the level of your adrenalin? There are some people who go after their dreams and wishes regardless of their ages.

Bryson William Verdun a 101-year-old man from England is one of those people. He decided to do parachuting from 4500 meters in the sky and he actually did it. Bryson broke the record for skydiving in May 2017.

At the time of diving, he was exactly 101 years and 38 days which in terms he broke the record of his previous diver who was 101 years and 3 days.

Armand Gendreau from Canada broke the record in 2013 by being the oldest person in that sport.

The first time that Bryson decided to do parachuting he was 90 years old but his wife didn’t let him do that. After she passed away he decided to go for the jumping when he was 100 years old. He experienced the jumping and he loved it very much; so he decided to break the record on the following year.

It is interesting to know that his grandchildren and great grandchildren joined him to have a charity and they eventually collected 2486 euros to help others. The joy and love for this sport run in the family and it is not surprising for them at all that their grandfather decided to do so.

Ian Honnor declared in an interview that he was not surprised when his grandfather wanted to go for parachuting. He also said that he is expecting his grandfather to go for more exciting sports in the future.

Of course, his body should pass the medical exams in order to decrease any health risks that may happen for him.

So, now there is no excuse for you to put off your dreams or ambitions because of your age. Age is just a number if you feel that you have a great desire of doing something and want to experience it go ahead and get ready to go down that road. Life is given to us only for one time, so why should we waste it with the things that bore us?



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