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26 Feb
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Graduates from different universities have different abilities. Every one of them has experienced different things at university and that have made them unique from each other so we believe that due to this uniqueness, everybody has its own job opportunity.

But the problem is lack of job experience. If you want to get a job but you don’t have any job experience, you need something more than a university degree. The recruiter needs to know that you’re crafty enough. These days there are a lot of alumni so getting a job has turned into a more complicated process these days. Some of your rivals are passing technical courses; you can do the same, so it will be more likely for you to get the job.

In fact, you should be realistic.  You will start from low-level jobs because you don’ have enough job experience, you can’t expect the best job at the beginning of your journey. All you should try for is gaining more knowledge and skills. There are different ways to make this real, one of them is to pass internship courses in a big company so you have the chance to show your capabilities to your manager and also know some people in this field which will be really useful in your career future.

The first important thing in finding job process is a professional resume. You need to consult with some experienced people. Point to the Seminars you have attended in your resume. Make sure to consider educational courses and you should also attach the copy of your educational degrees. If you have part-time job experience write it in full details, don’t assume it worthless. Your employer is searching for some exact information to decide if you’re deserved or not, so why don’t you give them what they want? When you finished writing your resume, upload it to job finding website.

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