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5 Nov
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If you would like to travel to Africa, then you should know it takes a whole year to finish your trip. Because there are so many things to see and do that even one year maybe not be enough.

Let’s see what the adventure of traveling to Africa has for you.



Safaris are unforgettable in Africa. If you go there don’t miss the safari. They can be luxurious and expensive because of the hotels that you’re staying in or the less expensive ones that take you to the local places to experience their local way of living. Whatever you do make sure to use a safari to see the nature and the wildlife from a very close distance. Try to ask the companies that are experienced so they can make a very joyful adventure for you.


One of the major factors that attract tourists to Africa is the numerous pathways to walk and hike. There are three mountains called, Kilimanjaro, Kenia, and Atlantic. Choose one of them and start your hiking. Of course, the easiest one is Kilimanjaro. If you want to make an unforgettable journey don’t miss out the hiking experience to one of these summits.


Discover Victoria Falls

Victoria falls is located in the southern part of Africa and is near the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. No matter from what direction you see it, it is a breathtaking scenery that you should not miss it at all. If you are a fan of flying use a plane or a helicopter to watch the fall from above.


Don’t miss out the beaches

Sounds strange? Usually, we don’t imagine Africa with the beaches, but it has the most beautiful beaches in the world. The turquoise color of the water and the white sands of the beach make it a peaceful place for tourists to spend time there. You can even have a chance to swim with whales and penguins.


Experience more adventure

There are many different activities that you can do to increase your adrenaline. Activities like biking tours in Sahara, diving in special cages next to the white sharks, sand surfing in Swakopmund’s.

The activities are suitable for any rate of aging.



Even if you don’t want to buy anything, wandering around the local shops is a joyous activity. You get to know their way of living and beliefs.

African costumes, local products, souvenirs, variable African fabrics, and exceptional accessories are just examples of what you can find while shopping.


Africa is a great continent that goes beyond its nature and animals.

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