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6 May
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An active lifestyle is necessary for being healthy. Daily exercise decreases the chance of heart disease, diabetes, and heart attack. Also, the sport is related to mental health and perceptual function.

You don’t have to be a Marathon runner to be healthy. It’s about continuing daily exercises. It helps to strengthen your heart, body and keep your weight balanced. You should find a kind of exercise which you enjoy from, sometimes doing it with a partner makes it more motivating.

The only important thing is you should move! It can be going to the gym or walking on the pavement or even dancing or biking to park. It may not be easy to find your favorite activity at first, so you should better change your way time to time and enjoy the variety of exercises. It will give you more motivation to start learning a new thing.

However, consider these strategies:

1) Start light

If you haven’t exercised for a long time, it’s better to have a light start. It’s better to consult with a doctor before starting because some avoidance may be necessary. Start exercising 5-10 minutes a day and increase it by time.

2) 30-minute goals

Your target should be 30 minutes. According to the Harvard general health university, three ten-minute intervals are as effective as a long exercising. You can: jump 10 minutes before your work, walk 10 minutes in afternoon.

3) Putting pressure on the muscles

Aerobic activities aren’t enough. It makes your bones and muscles stronger and increases the balance and harmony. Don’t you know when to start? It isn’t a problem; get a couch for one season.

4)Mixing Styles

Many clubs and training halls provide free classes with monthly free membership. Use these chances and learn about different styles. If you don’t like gyms, join a sports team of sports grounds in parks.

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