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27 Sep
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Saudi Arabia is a country with many restrictions for its people. The restrictions and the laws ruling over this country are based on their religion Islam. Let’s look at some of the restrictions that Saudis have for their people.


Females cannot travel alone

According to the law, a woman who travels alone can cause immorality for the society. Whenever a woman wants to travel she has to be accompanied by a man. This law is not for women over 45.



Women cannot drive

Besides not being able to travel alone for women there is another restriction for females and that is not being able to drive. Of course, this restriction has been ended recently by King Salman. Women, under some special circumstances, can drive only in the deserts and outside of the cities where it is not public.


Gender restrictions in employment

Again women don’t have much choice in having jobs. There are some certain jobs that are carried out only by men and women don’t have any chances for having them. The only fields that they can have options to choose are education and medical fields. Although recently there are some shop clerks who are women. No matter what job women have they have to cover their faces during working hours.


No public displays for non-Muslims

If your religion is not Islam then you don’t have any rights to display your worship or ideas out in the public. There are not many places to worship if you are not a Muslim.


No public physical activities for women

There are no gyms with women as their members. The schools don’t have time for physical education for girls and it is believed that only men and boys can have physical education.


No music lessons in schools

Although Saudi Arabia has an active music industry you never hear music in malls, department stores or any public places. Also, music classes are not allowed in public schools.


Eating pork is banned

Since eating pork is not allowed in Islam, the country doesn’t import pork. Instead, it has “halal” meat for people.


No movie theaters

Since it is thought that going to the movies causes the young males to have useless times and for married men to be away from their wives and family it is not built in the cities. The only place that movie lovers can go to the movies is the Island Bahrain. Some people travel to this Island to during their weekends to enjoy watching a movie in a theater.


The intermingling of men and women

Men and women are not allowed to mingle in malls or restaurants. A group of males cannot enter malls unless a woman is with them. These public places are only for families. Some restaurants even have two sections one for single people and another for families.


No Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is not celebrated and individuals are prohibited from wearing or selling anything red on the 14th of February. Flower shops and gift shops are not allowed to sell roses or heart-shaped novelties either. Stores that refuse to abide by this law can be closed down, and students are seen wearing something with a hint of red on are usually sent home from school to change clothes. This custom is in place to discourage dating and relationships outside of marriage.


These were the restrictions in Saudi Arabia.


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