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8 Oct
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A Solution to Divorce

A Solution to Divorce




These days divorce has become a common occurrence, the important thing which shouldn’t be ignored is paying attention to the children and their feeling about this issue, actually living in a separated family is too hard and sometimes unbelievable for them.

A confused family situation, conflicts, and disagreements between parents would make an insecure atmosphere in which children prefer to be isolated from everyone and will cause a lot of psychological problems for them in future.

Some psychologists believe that children can understand the reasons of conflicts and sometimes are the best solution to solve problems and make a balanced atmosphere, actually as a neutral member of family and a person who loves both sides can judge better and more fairly, they can use some specific techniques in order to make the atmosphere more peaceful.

Advising is not the effective technique in a confused situation or when everybody is angry, children should keep calm and try to be cool and decide the best way to provide peace again, they should also pay attention to their cultural and age situation because as the parents get older they show more resistance to the criticism. Another useful way is to asking one of the parents to leave home or asking an impartial person to come for talking.

 The most scientific way is attending consulting sessions; certainly, consultation specialists can be more effective.

Another way is to make a list of effective ways and techniques in every situation, actually, every different situation acquires a specific technique based on the conflict’s reason which can be apparent, hidden, spiritual and metaphysical.

The worst attitude against these kinds of conflicts could be incuriosity, every single member of the family should try their best to solve problems and provide a situation which everybody can enjoy and improve.

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