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15 Jan
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If you are employed, then most of your time is spent in your workplace or office so it’s very important to be happy during the working time and keep your spirit alive. It’s good to know that being happy and staying happy starts with the very trivial things.

Being encouraged or appreciated is a good feeling for all of us but it is usually much better feeling when we thank someone. Try to have small thanking notes or spoken ones to thank your co-workers and you realize how much you feel better.


Be a volunteer to help your colleagues. According to a research helping co-workers lessens your blood pressure and increases your happiness and good feelings.


Having a close friend in your workplace can add up to your happiness, satisfaction, and creativity. Even it helps your teamwork to have a better result and gives you a sense of victory.


Don’t do many things at once and one time. Unlike what others think about doing many things at one time it is wasting your time.


There can be many other ways to do to make your office or workplace a better and happier place to go to but it all depends on you to choose the best ones and spread the happiness in your place.

Nothing is more beautiful than sharing your good feelings with others. If you do things that make others happy the result comes back to you. So, it is the circle of love and happiness that is better to be built in your workplace.

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