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27 Dec
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In this article, we are going to learn how to be a better learner, if you want to surpass your friends in English read this article carefully and try to put them in practice.

1) Organize your mind before studying and concentrate on the subject. Concentration keeps your mind away from the other things and increases learning capacity.

2) Don’t afraid of mistakes. One of the factors of not being successful in Speaking or Writing part is fear. There are a lots of students who don’t talk at all in English classes because they’re afraid of making mistakes during speaking.

3) Trust your teacher.

4) For learning a foreign language, it’s better to know about the culture of that language. You can read English magazines and books. You can also search for different cultures on the Internet.

5) About learning the English accent, first, you should collect general information and then choose your favorite accent. Your interest is important if you don’t like British accent and you can’t speak it so it’s better to pursue American accent.

6) While reading passages, it’s better to rely on your knowledge and the whole sentence meaning and guess the unfamiliar words meaning. This needs a lot of practices and you’ll be able to guess the meaning of many words without using any dictionary.

7) For learning words, it’s better to use monolingual and visual dictionaries instead of bilingual dictionaries.

8) To better learn vocabularies, stick the related words to everything.

9) Don’t translate word by word, because you may not have every word and phrases in your language.

10) To better learn grammar and vocabularies, it’s better to practice it in the form of conversations, so learn them in the form of daily conversations.

11) You should spend a lot of time and have patience in order to learn English.

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