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18 Aug
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Learn English by watching popular TV series or sitcoms as it they are known in America

There is nothing more useful than a good television series to teach you English. Most people in English speaking countries spend a lot of time in front of TV and that is because they are just in love with famous and popular TV series. The numbers are on the rise around the world, when it comes to TV series that come from every culture. However, the best comedy ones, such as Friends, are infamous for most of the English speaking world. Aside from that, such series as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are a good source of English learning material that make you laugh and enjoy television, while also learning. For the most part, ENG45 divides different genres of TV series into three categories and will break them down in order to show you the best ones to learn English with.
In the American television industry, TV series are mostly known as Sitcoms. The most popular of them all is the comedy genre and consists of oldies like Fresh Prince, That 70’s Show, Friends, even Roseanne, Third Rock from the Sun, and Frasier, if you are looking for a classy type. The more recent comedy TV series include Scrubs, the Big Bang Theory and Orange is the Black. All the mentioned series are about young people and depict various American lives in big cities. That 70’s Show, for example, places the audience in Wisconsin during the 1970s, as it depicts the lives of teenagers form a comic perspective. Third Rock from the Sun, on the other hand places the audience amongst aliens who land on earth and experience life in the form of a family.
The other TV series genre that teaches good English is drama and includes CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and Prison Break are part of a more exciting category of breath taking sitcom shows. Not only are most of these TV series made by a host of famous actors and actresses, but they also produce a fine line of new actors that are loved by most people around the world. Television dramas are extremely well made and each produce different formats that vary from dirty politics in U.S., such as House of Cards, played by the amazing Kavin Spacy, or Breaking Bad, which is an epic story about a chemistry teacher, who makes narcotics in order to pay for cancer. All of such present an amazing set of challenges that keep people glued to television week after week.
The last genre of TV series is the animation comedy category, which is possibly the most popular in North America and Europe. The classic ones include the Simpsons and South park, which are about kids and their friends and families. They are made for adults, despite the fact that they are cartoons, and make grown men cry out of laughter. There are the more new ones just as funny, which capture the imagination, like the Family Guy and Futurama that are just as funny as their classic counter parts. The Simpsons and the Family guy are actually made by the same produces and truly capture the imagination through funny and twisted perspectives that are carried in the most hilarious forms possible.
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