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12 Sep
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There is always an unconscious belief between girls, that boys are smarter than them, they start to feel it since they are about 6.

Usually, they struggle with a huge deal of self-doubt which negatively impacts their decisions. What can we do to make a world which humans could follow their real talents non-regards to their gender?

As we see many girls from high school try not to attend to STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Messages they receive from world, Movies, Parents, and society move them toward more feminine careers unconsciously and sometimes make them ignore their real talents.

One of the causes can be lack of confidence and bravery between girls.New researches show that many parents are projecting their own gender bias on to their daughters without being realized and move them away from technology jobs.13% felt technology would be a great career for their sons but only 6% felt the same for their daughters. Also, 21% of parents rated engineering as a top career for their sons, but only 10% felt similarly for their daughters.

What are the ways to raise a brave girl?

They should learn to set goals for their life and visualize the future based on their ambitions. The word ambition perceives negatively when it’s used for women than men but it’s totally wrong! Limiting their goals and their dreams will be the result! So let them feel free to think big about their future and their aims.

Girls don’t usually take risks ‘cause they’re afraid of some little things to be happened. LET IT HAPPEN! This is the thing you should teach them. Taking more risks mean accepting more physical or mental hurts so they will learn how to heal themselves after every defeat and not to be afraid of little things.

You should make them understand that their value is not based on the shape of their body or Brand of their clothes or INSTAGRAM followers. The most powerful women are those who believe in themselves and their power as a human.

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