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17 Jul
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And you thought you were the only one learning English

number of English language learners
According to the latest statistical analyses, the number of people around the world who are trying to learn English is growing fast. According to one report, by 2020, one billion people are going to be joining the one billion already learning English worldwide. According to another report, during the course of the past 20 years, 750 million people have been speaking English as a foreign language, while 350 million people consider themselves to be speaking English as a second language. Most of the people who identify with these reports use English in the work place, for business or for pleasure. Fact of the matter is that more and more professions are requiring English proficiency as a mandatory requirement. Another significant fact is that specialists now work in environments where English is not a primary language but it is the language of choice.
The first issue that comes to mind, after considering the fact that global demand for English is growing substantially, is the number of teachers that are needed to answer the demand for the adding one billion people, who will be English language learners in a few years. As of now, the number of people actively learning English has reached 1.5 billion people, which means the demand for English teachers, will also need to grow even further. But where they will come from is a whole other issue. The answer has to be, the ones learning English now. Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge that many of the people who look at English as a secondary language, not only need to learn English now, but they also need to start teaching it in the next few years if the demand is going to be answered by supply. Thus, English is not only becoming the global language of choice, it is also becoming a source of income and currier as well.
One other issue that brings this matter into even more focus is the growing necessity for migration. If we look at the statistics that have been released on global movements, we can see that within the very same period, during which English language learners have been increasing in, the largest numbers of migrations have also taken place. This number in migrants is, in fact, the largest number ever in the history of mankind. What this actually means is that as more and more people migrate, especially to western countries, demand for English as a second language continues to grow further. This points to yet another significant source of demand for the need to learn English. Thus, role up your sleeves and start learning English, because for every 100 people who are English students today, there will be another 100 people just like them waiting for somebody to teach them English within the next 5 years.
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