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27 Feb
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In this part of the exam, you’re supposed to write a 150-word letter to gain information about something, or also explain your situation to someone. You have only 20 minutes to finish your letter. This letter can be written to your friends or some positions in a specific organization, so you should know how to write a formal, semi-formal and also informal letter. If you’re not sure about the style of your letter you better write it in a formal way.

A letter includes these parts:


2-Opening of letter

3- Closing of the letter

How should we write Greetings? As we said, the style of your letter is an important issue. For example, an informal letter:

- You should always begin your letter with addressing your friends. For example Dear Joey/ Dear Rebecca

- Continue the letter with some general sentences. For instance, you can show your show your appreciation about a recent letter he/she wrote or even apologizing for late responding. Examples:

I hope you’re well/Hope all’s well.

Thank you for your letter. It was nice to hear from you.

I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long but…

But if you’re writing an informal letter, you can start with these kinds of sentences: Dear Sir or Madam. Then consider your aim of writing this letter example:

I am writing to your newspaper to protest about the proposed development of Newtown Park.

Exercise 3: In the GT Writing module you may be asked to write a letter of application for a job. You will need to use a range of vocabulary; some quite specialized, in your letter.

Use these words: post, experience, department, developer

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to apply for the ------- of software development on February 9th on the University of Kent vacancy database. I have worked for the past ten years as a senior ------ in a telecommunication company in the IT --------- I think now is the right time to apply for a better position as I believe I have gained relevant ----- and skills.

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