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17 Aug
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For some people talking English may be easy but when it gets to writing they go completely blank. They don’t know where to start or how to start. But there are some points that if considered can help to improve your writing.

Know the basic English:

To start writing a content you need to at least know about the basic grammar, vocabularies and spelling. Having knowledge about the very basic principle of writing is necessary to write well. This can be done by referring to the references available.

Write as if it’s your job:

Like anything else if you want to be a good writer you need to practice. Practice every day by choosing a topic and start writing about it. Even if you don’t have any ideas don’t worry and start writing so you get rid of the fear of a blank page. There are some books that can help you about how to write. Therefore, make it as your everyday task to write something.

Have a writing partner:

Although writing is a solo task but it’s helpful if you could have some one accompanying you with the practice. This way you could get another opinion about your job or even your mistakes may be covered.

Join a workshop or any other writing classes:

Sometimes it’s more fun to spend some time with other people who are following the same interests. The writing workshops can be a great help. Not only you get a chance to share your writing with others but you can also get other opinions or ideas about writing in general.

Follow your favorite writer’s footsteps:

If you are a book reader you have a favorite writer too. Find out what is so good about those writings that attract you to that certain writer. Try to follow the same things that the writer has gone through.

Follow the correct structure of writing:

All writings should have 3 parts covered in them. The first part is the introduction, the second part is the body of the writing and the third part is the result.

Never write something without having these three forms in you writing. The introduction part makes the reader aware of what you are going to write, the body part which is the most important one explains your idea and of course the last part but not definitely the least is the result of your writing. Don’t ever finish your writing without a conclusion. Always wrap up.

Don’t be afraid of using an editor:

We all make mistakes. After you are done writing, start editing your job and if you can choose a good editor and ask for the idea. We can learn a lot from our mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think:

If you go to different blogs you see that most people write about boring things. Be a person who brings a fresh writing to the world. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of talking about your ideas.Be bold.

Of course there can be lots of other things that can help your writing skill but all in all you should get started and just keep going. With lots of practice, good references and other people opinions some day you me be a great writer and you even do it as a job.


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