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26 Nov
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Essays, reports, letters, speeches, emails these are all types of writings. Whatever you choose to write there are some facts that should be followed to have nice and effective writing.


Be clear about your purpose

Our writing can have different reasons depending on the situations, but whatever the reason is you should always remember why you are writing and what your purpose is. In order not to go out of your path write down your purpose and keep it by your side so that you don’t forget about it.


Choose the best style

In conversation with our friends, we have one kind of tone of voice that is different from the tone of voice that we use for our boss. The same should be followed in writing too. To have an appropriate writing choose the style that you should use. Is it formal or informal that’s your choice to make before starting the writing?


Have a plan

Don’t start your writing without a plan. Always know what you are going to write about, because without a plan you may have a disconnected writing.


Write for readers, not yourself

Your aim in writing is to communicate ideas and information to other people, and you must keep that in mind with every word and sentence you write. Constantly ask yourself who each item of information is really for. Because you have a clear idea of what and why you are writing, it is easy to get carried away and include information that is important to you only—and nobody else. If you write it, you could well be wasting your time and other people’s.


Guide your readers

As you write it is your task to keep your readers’ mind clear for different parts. Each sentence, each paragraph should be relevant to what comes before and what comes after. You should use words and phrases that connect or contrast to show these connections, for example, as a result, in this way, in contrast. Informative headings also help readers follow your train of thought, so don’t be afraid to use them.


Use passive verbs

The best way of writing for readers is using passive verbs. But you should know how to use it appropriately. If you consider the above points, then your writing will be effective and smooth for the readers to enjoy.

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