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5 Dec
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You should consider these three steps in writing English articles: introduction, content, and conclusion.

the construction of old articles include 5 paragraphs( introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph), while today’s advanced contemporary articles are longer and more complicated.

if you’ve reached a level which your teachers expect you to write English articles, so you’ve got a notable understanding of the English language. Writing an article gives you the chance to show your knowledge but don’t forget that using an appropriate construction is vital!

Introduction: You should start with a motivational and attractive sentence so it could encourage the readers to continue reading. A controversial debate or quote could be an amazing start to your article. What’s an article’s function? Introduces the subject and it also examines the main question of the article directly.

Body paragraphs: it should be divided into different paragraphs and each paragraph is written according to different aspects of the main question. Actually, every paragraph is a step forward to deliver your purpose. So, this is essential to plan it right.

Conclusion: it’s the last chance to claim your ideas, so it’s the most important part of your article. It just includes some sentences to repeat the subject and your reasoning. This part links different part of your article and provides more details from those you have mentioned. Conclusions are the most difficult parts because you should paraphrase your ideas without directly copying your sentences from the other paragraphs.

Some tips for writing articles:

You should use formal language in articles. Using slang, Informal words and abbreviations is completely wrong.

It’s better to use the third person, never use I or Us or We. Also, never call the reader “YOU”.

Instead of using the passive form, use active because this is a stronger way express your ideas.

Make sure that each of the paragraphs appropriately linked to the next paragraph. Actually, the last sentence of every paragraph should be somehow related to the next paragraph.

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