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12 Nov
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It happens some time that you think there is something in your mind that you would like to share with others in the form of writing.

How can you start writing a book?

It is not easy of course but the process is one step at a time and the next step will tell you what to do. Here are some hints to follow if you would like to write a book.

Before starting your book make a pledge with yourself to begin it, stay motivated and finish it. you may say of course you have to begin but there are people who only have ideas in their mind but they never start writing. Or some people start writing and then in the process they lose their motivation and the work is never done. So, before anything have those three things in your mind and start.


Start easy

Now that you have decided to write then start your first sentence and stretch it out to a paragraph and then to a bigger part one-page outline. Think of your book in terms of beginning, middle, and end. Don’t start with complicated forms.


Make it an everyday activity

Don’t start big because it usually fails. Set a time for yourself so you can write a page or so every day. After some time, you will see that you are actually writing a book. But make it everyday activity. Set a deadline for your writing To make sure that you do a daily writing set a deadline for your writing in order to put yourself under pressure to finish your job on time. Otherwise, it’ll be out of your hand.


Choose a suitable place

To do your writing a suitable place should be chosen so that you feel comfortable there and do your activity better. Make sure the place is away from all the distractions for you.


Have weekly deadlines

In order to feel your progress, have a weekly deadline for yourself. Each week when you see that you have done something then you will get a better feeling to continue your work.


Have a feedback

In the process of your writing, it’s good to ask some other professionals to have a look at your work and read your book. You can ask your friends or editors to help you out and see what their opinions are.


Publish it

Once you have finished your book don’t put it away in your closet or drawer. Publish it and get it in front of readers. Whatever you do, don’t just hide your work away.


Be ready for the result

There is always a chance that your work doesn’t get accepted or wanted for others. In this case, don’t lose your confidence and accept the fact there could have been some drawing back points in your work for people. It’s ok. Start again If your first experience didn’t go well then start again. Never lose hope and never stop trying again. Do it until your work is accepted by others and you know how to transfer your ideas to others.


Writing a book is not easy but even the hardest ways can be started and finished. It all depends on starting the first step and continue with the flow and going. Don’t stop in the process and if you fail try again until you get to the summit.

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