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4 Nov
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If you want to be a great writer then your grammar should be perfect, because if you use wrong verbs and incorrect usage of words then your reader will not catch the real meaning of your writing. Here are some good resources for you to master your English grammar.


The book can answer whatever question you may have in grammar with good explanations and give you quizzes to check your understanding. So, forget about thick books and refer to grammar to clarify the vague points you have in your mind.


Sometimes we have a problem mixing our English writing with our native language. Grammarly is a tool to correct your mistakes and can be used for any kinds of writings like emails, social media posts or blogs.

The Perdue Online Writing Lab

It is a comprehensive online writing resource that is a suitable source for any kinds of English learners from elementary to advance along with many exercises for you to practice your knowledge.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is a comprehensive grammar resource available as a podcast and website. Here you will find brief and accessible tips to improve your writing. This is a very popular site where almost any grammar or word use question has an answer.


To write effectively you not only need a perfect grammar to use but also effective words and vocabularies to make your readers attracted and attached to your writing. Here are some sites that can help you with your vocabularies.

FluentU, Macmillan, and Merriam-Webster Online Dictionaries can be a great help.These resources can help you to improve your vocabulary.

The resources that can be a great help for your writing are Goodreads and Quora.

Goodreads is a community of book lovers who share their ideas about the books that they have read.

Quora It is a place where people ask questions and asks for answers from online communities.

By setting up accounts for the two resources mentioned above you can improve your writing ability.

In general, to be a good writer you should be constantly in touch with the communities who are active in writing and reading to know what are the interesting topics of the day so you can be a part of that community too.


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