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14 Aug
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Emails are widely used in business communications and if we don’t know how a good email is written there maybe a problem. Email messages could be easily misunderstood or cause confusion if not properly written. To avoid these negative consequences here are some points to be aware of.

Writing an effective email:

Don’t over communicate.

The bigger your business the more emails you will get every day which in turn causes lots of stress. So before you make an email think if it is really needed. Can you use other ways of communications like telephone to do your job or not? Also, emails are not very much secured. Sometimes it happens that people forward messages without even thinking. So, try not to share sensitive emails or the ones that should be confidential. If you are about to send a bad news it’s better to do it in person so that you get a chance to show compassion and sympathy.

Use subject line:

If you can use the subject line in a proper and good way then you are half way through of getting your message across. Your subject line is the first thing that goes through the eye of the receiver. So try to grab the reader’s attention by using that part properly. A blank subject line may be overlooked or rejected as “ spam “.

Keep your message brief and clear:

The body of your email should be short and at the same time informative. Don’t miss the main information that is needed to be sent but at the same time do it in a very short way possible. Too long emails or not necessary information may cause the reader uninterested in reading it.

Be polite:

You may think that emails are less formal than sending letters but your politeness shows your professionalism. So, some formality is needed.

Check your tone of writing:

Since we don’t see our receivers and therefore there is no body language or facial expressions to get the feelings behind the message we should very much be careful of what words, punctuations or capital letters we use.


Before you hit send it’s better to review the message. Check if there are any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes before it goes away. Because once something is gone it’s gone and you don’t want to be blamed later for something that could have been prevented with a simple review.




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