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9 Aug
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Pave the road to coherent writing in English by following these simple techniques

In English writing, there are various points to know and rules to follow. However, the rules and points are no use if you don’t have a technique to put them together with. Once you take these points in and make them yours, the road to coherent writing is paved. The factors to consider are useful, because they create a boarder around what you are putting on paper and to frame it just like a template. Add to that creative writing and you are as good as gold. Such an effort is worth it in writing, because it connects the reader to the content and thus to the writer; and we know how powerful such a connection can get because we see it in great masterpieces. So follow the five simple rules below and have yourself an interesting writing technique.
First, you have to think about the reader when you are writing. Consider whom you are writing for in some detail and have in mind that the group you have chosen has to be kept interested. For example, if you are writing for people in the academic sector, such as teachers, then you are putting together an essay, which is meant to answer questions. Second, there is a form of device in writing for film and television that is called three-act structure. This structure follows a specific plotline route, which begins with what is called the Set-up, by which characters are formed, their relationships are established and their environment is constructed. Set-up is followed by confrontation, which is the resolve or the process of resolve by the main character. The last segment of three-act structure is resolution. It is considered as the climax, where everything reaches a peak point and everything comes together in order to complete the picture.
When you want to write well, you have to grab attention in your opening. This is the third rule and focuses on keeping the reader glued to his/her seat, wondering how the story is going to reveal itself. Therefore, development of a story is crucial if you want to have people read it, so put together a fascinating start and build all the necessary factors by throwing the reader into a mantra driven action packed battle. This leads to extended metaphors that are used over and over in order to breakdown complex notions. In other words, metaphors are great for explaining hard to grasp factors by using simple and understandable examples. They can be found all over original writings, such as those of Shakespeare. Last but not least are the details that breakdown locations and settings. Details reinforce your argument, so building good detail forms good argument. The only other thing you need to do is edit all of the things you work on and continue going back to them. Do not be afraid and just change things and move sentences from one part to another. Work on your flow because it is the hardest part of developing something the right way. In the end, when you are all done, proofread everything and ensure that all is well.
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