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31 Jul
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Movies are a great way to practice English writing

writing in English
The movies give us endless topics and themes to talk about because they are artistic and dynamic in nature. But what if we want to work on our English skills and use them to improve our linguistic abilities? Well, in that case we have to write. The more we write the more we need to watch or read. And the more we do that, the more we write. It is that simple. There are so many things we can talk about, when it comes to movies, but whether we can write about them or not makes a difference. What makes writing about movies and films significant in learning English has to do with how we are able to train ourselves to think in English. Writing in English is hard but we can make it significantly more fun and easy if we can focus on a topic, such as what the main character of so and so movie think about the world. Questions like this are easy to answer because we know what characters feel in movies and so we can guess how they feel about factors such as good and bad, right or wrong, happy or sad and so on and so forth.
Here the establishment of a goal is important. When writing about a film for the sake of practicing English, one has to look at little details and present evidence for his or her claims. For example, the main character of a given movie was a negative and sad person, because when something happened he did this or thought that about the other character. It is that easy and all you have to do is come up with challenging questions. After that you only need to establish a perspective and be opinionated. The format of writing needs to be persuasive and you have to imagine an audience, whom you have to convince. Besides, this is the way to talk about movies. You have to be opinionated because no matter what anyone says about a film, it will be a subjective approach.
Establishing a ground for argument is another factor that needs to be put in place. That is because a subjective approach needs to be formed based on an argument and an opinion. Therefore, it is important to make sense of the angle a given movie is taking, whether that angle is fixed on nature, humanity, society, or angels for that matter. Once you figure out what the writer and director have fixed up for you to see, then you can decide whether you want to agree with them or not. In the English language, this is called taking a side, which is to say that you have made your position known. From there it gets easy because all you have to do is to defend your own position, even if that means defending the director’s position as well. Once you start writing in English with this strategy, you will have no problem finding enough things to say. It is all made easy by you taking a side and defending it.
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