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21 Aug
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It happens that you may have good knowledge of English language but when you want to write correctly many problems appear. Working with computers makes it easier these days since they automatically correct your misspellings but what if you are in a meeting or somewhere that relies only on your handwriting? It would be very unprofessional to spell something incorrectly. So, what can be done to improve our spelling?

Use mnemonics:

Mnemonic devices turn information into a picture, a sentence, a rhyme or anything else that’s easier to remember. So, it is easier for you to memorize an information. The two types of mnemonics that can help with your spellings are:

Rhymes and songs will make it easier for you to remember words.

An acronym is another type that can be a great help and it is widely used throughout the world today. For example “ Laughing Out Loud “ can be changed to LOL or “ Be Right Back “ to BRB. As you can see only the first letters of a short phrase is used to make a word.

Learn some spelling rules:

Sometimes it helps just to learn a few rules about the correct way of spelling words. For example ask yourself why the word happy in the form of comparative adjective changes to happier without the y letter and some other spelling rules that by knowing them it may help us to avoid misspelling.

Learn the most common misspelling words:

There are some words that are spelled more often than others even by native speakers. Try to learn them. Here are some the toughest ones:

across- basically- beginning- believe- foreign- friend- forty- interrupt- until- weird

don’t think that you have to memorize them. Start one by one and with the ones you use more often.

Make a list of words you have trouble spelling them:

Don’t just go with the dictionaries and learn whatever they have for you. Sometimes they provide words that are not very much used for you. So, think of the words that you use frequently and have problem with and then start practicing writing it.

Separate the words ( chunk it ):

Sometimes words are difficult to spell just because they are long. In these cases, you can use the chunking method. Chunking is when you separate the word into “chunks,” or shorter parts. This way, you’re not memorizing the spelling for one long word, but just a few short ones! The word “embarrassed,” for example, can be chunked like this: em- bar- ras- sed

Just remember the spelling for these four short “words,” and you’ll spell “embarrassed” correctly every time. You can do this with any word you have trouble spelling—it makes them much easier to remember!

Draw a picture:

Try to imagine the words that you have problems with an item in the real world. For example the word bed is actually like a bed. Or balloons, looks like there are two balloons in the middle.

Other than these hints use or choose any ways that may help you to improve your spelling. Like anything else it needs practicing everyday to overcome the problem of misspelling.


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