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24 Jul
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Look for ways to shorten your sentences when writing in English

Writing in English
Sentence structures in English can be like writing in any other language. What really matters when we write in English, however, is to be on point. That means it is important to use the proper combination of words and gradually form a paragraph by systematically breaking down what needs to be said. English is tricky in the sense that it is easy to go on and on without developing an argument. One issue that can reveal itself in English writing style is passive writing, which is when we use the wrong sentence structure and place what we want to say last. In English, it is important to say what you want right off the bat, which means saying it first and then developing it through following sentences. Make sure to be on point and do not explain two things in one sentence. Open up an argumentative sentence, state your point and then explain your point through following sentences. The following two sentences are examples of wrong and correct sentence structures. Try and see what makes them right and wrong:
Wrong sentence structure:
When I was little and my father had to go to work, I would wait for him to leave and then stand by the window to make sure he was not coming back, so I could play video games instead of doing my homework, and that was how I would skip my homework and get into trouble at school the next day every time because my plan was never to actually do my homework but to pretend like I was doing homework, when instead I was playing video games.
Correct sentence structure:
When I was little, I would pretend to do my homework, while my father was at home. But when he would leave for work, I would stand by the window and watch him leave. Then, instead of actually doing my homework, I would grab my video games and play. Because of this, I would always get in trouble at school the next day for not doing my homework. That was because I was more worried about what my father would say rather than being afraid of my teachers’ reactions.
As you can see through the two examples provided above, sentences need to break down, with each sentence focusing on one aspect at a time. Gradually, two or three sentences help with the comprehension of one theme for the reader. This way, the flow is maintained with grace and each sentence is clear. That is what needs to happen with sentences. They have to be clear, transparent and objective oriented. As it was mentioned earlier, the need to break one sentence into two or three sentences comes from the fact that organization of content is crucial to proper sentence structures. Thus, write down what you want to say, then return to the top and read through. After you are done reading, think about how you would like the flow of your information to be. Then, you can restructure your sentences by breaking them down into bits of information that come in an organized fashion.
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