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2 Apr
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Try not to finish your email with this phrase “Thanks in advance”.

These days using this phrase in conclusion part of emails has become a commonplace. But it can be mentioned as a rude phrase. “Thank you” is a phrase used for appreciating someone for doing you a favor in the real world.

Actually, you say thank you for making a request, but it’s not the same in email world! It’s kind of persuading someone to do something when you put the phrase “Thanks in advance” at the end of your email because your request has not be done or even accepted!

Also using “Thanks in advance” in real words is like you ask the maid to bring you another drink and thank her before doing it, or asking your husband to buy something and thanking him before he accepts it.

The other problem is that you don’t have to thank again because you did it before, so it seems that you’re ignoring that person and it’s totally rude! You may not have known this and you don’t mean to assault them, but it’s an impolite phrase from English speaker’s perspective.

If you want to finish your email in a right way, just be sure that your conclusion is related to the intention of your email and your request. At the first step of writing a conclusion, ask yourself that “what do I want?”

You should also avoid using cliché conclusions, they make readers feel bad. There are some examples of good conclusions:

- I really appreciate any help you can provide.

- I will appreciate it if you can send me the brochure.

- A lot of thanks for considering my request.

- I wish what I’ve requested is possible for you.

- Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

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