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12 Aug
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how to write a resume

How to write a resume?
Your resume is your representative to an employer before you are seen or interviewed. So, how you make it, is quite important to show you are qualified for the job applied. To do so try to concentrate on your employer’s needs and have a plan before writing a resume. Decide what type of resume you want to make. Is it chronological or functional. Chronological is good for the people with long time of experience and functional for the recently graduated people.
The main parts of a resume:
Personal Information
Job experiences
Foreign language
Working goals
Other parts:
Membership in any groups
Resume tips:
1- Make a resume that is related to the employer’s needs
2- Try to make it short and satisfactory. Maximum page for this should be 1 to 2 pages. If it is too long your main information may get lost and if it is too short it may not be enough for the employer.
3- Emphasize more on the specialties and skills that are needed either by using bold writing or underlining.
4- Be clear and obvious. Use words or phrases that explain what you want to say as easy and understanding as you can.
5- Use phrases not sentences. If long sentences are used the length of the resume increases and that you don’t want to happen.
6- Write exact dates or addresses if any.
7- Avoid dictation mistakes for it shows your ability of writing
8- After you are done with writing your resume reread it or even ask other people’s opinions.
9- The appearance of your resume is very important ; so print it and use suitable fonts. Don’t use the copy of your resume.
10- Because your resume is an advertising writing about your skills it should be attractive at first glance.
11- Students or newly graduates shouldn’t leave the space for experiences empty. Any kind of trainings passed or class projects or even personal studies can be included in this part.
12- In job experience part try to explain more about the effect of your activities.
13- Students and newly graduates is better to write about their education at the beginning of their resumes.
14- Remember the first line of a paragraph or a section is the most important one. So use a suitable sentence for that.
Resume blunders:
Focusing too much on your job responsibilities can be boring. Instead you can talk about the fulfillment of your activities by answering how you did the job better than others before or what the problems there were that you could solve and your company used the benefit. Of course if there were any bonuses or raise that you had is also good to mention.
Too long or too short resume is not good.
If key words are not used there will be a problem
Not having correct dictation also shows your inability of writing or expressing yourself.
Remember your resume talks about you before you get the chance to speak, so make it as professional as you can.

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