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27 Jul
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Four types of writing you have to learn while learning English

writing styles in English
This is something that is not talked about in English classes much, but there are four types of writings that we all ought to know. Once we know them we can better channel our ideas and also be aware of rules that follow each type. In short, the four types of writing are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. Expository writing is designed for explanations and the purpose of this type of writing in English is to focus on explaining topics and subjects. The key to expository writing is to focus on facts that are relevant to the subjects and topics and exclude personal opinion. Also, expository writing must keep a logical order. That is why expository writing is used for textbooks, articles that guide, news stories, and find purpose in technical writing such as science and business articles. The other style is descriptive and it is used in describing situations and locations. It is used to visualize the senses at work and breaking down details. Descriptive writing in English is often used for fictional stories, because the need to describe fiction is necessary. Poetry and journals also take advantage of descriptive writing too. The next English writing style to talk about is persuasive writing, which is designed to convince and persuade the audience. It is a counter balance or the opposite of expository writing because it holds the personal opinions of the writer, his or her justifications and motives. This type of writing is extremely effective in advertisement and opinionated journalism. Persuasive writing allows the writer to take a stand and defend a point of view. The last writing style that will guide you through your English learning and practices is narrative writing. This style is perfect for telling stories and tails about characters and events. Narrative writing is used in novels and short stories and answers key questions such as what, where, when, why, and how. This is not to say there aren’t any other writing styles. Nevertheless, the other techniques are sub-types and will fall under these four categories.
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