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6 Mar
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There are different kinds of letters: apology, informative, explanation, request, invitation, application or registration, making arrangement and complaints.

- You bought a TV a week ago but when you got home you discovered it did not work properly. You called customer service to report the problem but you have not received any help. In this case, you’re going to write a complaint letter. In this letter you should include introducing yourself, explaining the problem and stating what action you would like from the company. There’s a sample of Complaint letter which is not in the correct order. Put these parts into the correct order.

1) Mr. J H Davidson

2) I am exceedingly displeased with both the quality of the product I purchased from your company as well as the poor service I have received since. I hope this problem will be resolved promptly. I expect to receive a replacement TV or have my current TV repaired but only if it could be fixed within a day.

3)I look forward to hearing back from you immediately.

4) Yours faithfully

5) On Tuesday, 12th June, I visited your store following a recommendation from friends; I bought a Toshiba LED TV which has the code 408379. On purchasing this TV, I was assured that this was the latest model and the best there was to buy. However, when I got home O discovered that not only did the remote controls not work but also the quality of the picture was not as good as promised, in fact, it was quite blurry. I called your customer service department immediately on Tuesday and they assured me that my TV would be replaced or fixed within two days. I am disappointed to say that this has not happened and I have received no communication since then.

6) Dear Sir or Madam,

7)My name is John Davidson and one of your frequent customers. I am writing this letter to report the faulty TV that I purchased from your company on Tuesday last week.

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