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19 Oct
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Sometimes the places that we go or the people we deal with are not what we had expected, therefore we start complaining about it. what if we want to write a complaining letter and explain what has bothered us? In other words, how can we write a complaining letter? What to include in our letter?

First, explain and describe what the problem is or was and tell them what you want for the outcome.

Next, be more specific which means write about the date, place or the person that didn’t meet your satisfaction.

After that write down about the things you did to solve the problem, or about the things you did to the situation and also mention what you would like to be done.

Ask for a response in a reasonable time.

If you have any documents relating to the situation that can support your letter and complain, attach a copy of it to the letter.


Here is an example of a complaining letter about a room in the hotel:


Dear Manager,

I am writing to inform you about my problem with the room that I booked last week in your hotel.

My room number was 410 and the fridge inside the room was not cool enough. I checked everything with it and apparently, there was nothing wrong. I also called the receptionist and told her about the problem but no one came to solve the problem.

Since this time of year, it’s hot and I needed to have cool drinks in my room that was really inconvenient for me. You know that I come to your hotel very often because of my job, so I expect that I will not deal with such problem next time I’ll book a room in your hotel.


Best regards

Jane Smith


As it can be seen from the letter the first line is the reason for writing the letter and the next thing is explaining the problem and at the end, the expectation is mentioned.

Of course, with different problems, different things can be written and explained. Hope this comes handy to you when you need to write a complaining letter.


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