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11 Jul
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?What do you know about free writing


Have you ever thought that maybe you don't really know how to think in the most comprehensive or better say complete way possible? That your mind just doesn’t connect at the right places and give you a wholesome look at your life and reality? Well that is because you haven’t done free writing, so follow us and learn through this article how exactly you must open your mind. No meditation, medication or guru necessary. You just have to follow some simple guides in order to stay on point and let your mind go.

First rule of free writing is that you must forget all the structures you know about writing, literally, and write like you talk, with opinions and different topics in mind. Add to that the necessity to write whatever you want. That means anything from things that happened today or yesterday, things you like, things you don’t like, something on your mind that bothers you, and etc. You can also write about an idea you’ve had since you were little. The one that you always thought was too crazy and would never make sense if it ever left your head. Bring it out and see for yourself how different it can be and the potential it has to transform and reshape. You never know because some great writers have pointed out that once you take that crazy little idea out and reshape it, you may just change yourself in the process as well.

Whatever you do, do not try and write like an author and forget about spelling, structure or anything that keeps you within the boundaries of a language. That is why we call it free writing, so just relax let go and write. Once you get into it, you’ll feel a flow taking over and once it does, you will feel like you could write for hours without an end. If this doesn’t happen, you still have a choice. You can also use a voice recorder and start that way, but you have to write. That is because there is nothing like writing and you have to get over what we call writer’s block, which is something writers say when they cannot focus on a topic and be creative. That is a hill you have to climb over and find a flow in order to give yourself a chance.

Once you found something to write about and you found a great flow to ride on like a surfer finding a good wave, do not stop. At this point you have to come back to what it was you were trying to write about. This is so that you can bring yourself to the center of your intentions. There is always a center and it doesn’t matter how far off you are from it, you can rewrite or continue writing your way back home. Just make sure you turn that horse around once words come freely and your mind gives you a good choice of vocabularies that make the hair on your back stand because you feel pure joy from the new found ability.

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