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9 Dec
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The phrasal verb “work out” has different meanings that we are going to explain here with examples.


Work out: to find out or understand a problem


I can’t work out the following sum, it’s too difficult.

If you work out more on the problem I’m sure you can find out the answer.


Work out: to have a result of something


They had a one-hour meeting and the work out was great.

The more they talked with each other the more they understood that they can’t work it out. So, they separated.


Work out: have a good result and conclusion


After talking for many hours their dispute worked out great.

I know it looks bad but I’m sure it’ll work out.


Work out: to exercise to be fit


He works out every day. No wonder he’s in good shape.

Working out helps your body to be strong and in shape.


More sayings about each of the above definitions:

To find out an answer to a problem hard working is needed. We may not get what we want in the first place but after some more trials, the answer may be found. That’s why we work out on things.


To have a good result again we should work hard to have our favorite ending. No matter what the situation is hard working always works out and gives you a good conclusion.


To exercise is a good work out. Exercise is not only good for your body but it is also good for your soul. When your mind and body are in good shape then the whole things can come all right for you.

Therefore, as you can see although the word “workout” has different meanings the main meaning is the same and that is doing your best to achieve your goal which can be from solving a problem to shaping your body.

So, go ahead and work your heart out.


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