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15 Nov
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It is good to know some wise sentences because in some situations they may be a great help to us. Here are some wise sentences for you to enjoy.


The kites always rise with adverse winds.

Live for ourselves not for showing that to others.

A distant tour begins with one step…

The losers find a problem in every answer but the winners find an answer in every problem.

Instead of success in a base I hate, I prefer to lose in a base I enjoy.

If the kite doesn’t face adverse wind it won’t rise…

You will reap what you plant in your minds farm.

If you won’t be patient in the flow of a river, every driftwood will be a huge problem for you.

Who loses today, won’t find tomorrow.

There is nothing important as today.

Whatever human rise his trousers inset will be seen more.

When you catch in a calumny, you know your real friends.

Love is a green glass that you see the chaff as alfalfa with it.

God's decide is out of our hindsight power but it is always beneficial for us.

It isn’t important that what happened, tolerate and hide your grief with smiles.

What is forb? It is a plant that we don’t know its profits yet.

Winning is nothing but trying to win is all thing.

If you can’t be with your love, try to love who you are with.

If you forget me…if you forget me if you leave me if you are for others…I love you yet despite that you said you huff with all my purities forever/I said but…bye! May this be just a dream…what I heard from you my belief less heart said I didn’t receive my love! You didn’t say before…that you have another one in your laughing in your crying except me…if you rest your head on my shoulders I forgive you and never remind you…go my beautiful darling…you are expensive …I am gratis We up well with our thoughts and rise from the style of our imagination that we have from ourselves.

Overrate to your behavior more than your prestige because behaviors are the sign of your facts but prestige is what others thought about you.


Hope you have enjoyed reading them and why not share some of them with your friends.

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