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24 Sep
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What is a brand? Who do we call a brand? Do you think the minute you have a business you are a brand? To answer these questions let’s start with the definition of the word “brand” itself.

A brand can be a person, a character, a service or a product that is an outstanding among others.

There is a distinguishing factor about it that has made it the most wanted and the most attracted one.

The sign of a brand can vary from a certain color to a logo, a character or a symbol that brings the brand image to your head the minute you see or hear it. But how can you be a brand? How can you keep yourself a brand and survive in the trademark?

First, a plan is needed. Decide what you want to do with what you have on your hand. What is it that you want to give to your customers and how do you want others to know you...answer all these questions so you will have a clear image of your activities.

Next, after you know what you want to do and have a clear plan for your goal it’s time to decide on your image in the eye of your customer. How do you want your customers to know you? How do you want to be seen? In order to find the answer, it’s a good idea if you put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Try to think the way they may think or want something from you.

Once you know what your customers want or need from you try to find a slogan or keywords that are related to your goals and service. Try to find a language for your brand in a way that when people see that they can easily imagine your brand.

To produce such a logo or a design for people to remember you, a special color or design can be used. Try to be simple and unique.

At the end try to share your ideas with your employees in order to know about their ideas too or make them understood about the brand and its goals. To become a successful business and become a brand everybody’s help is needed, from the employers to the employees.

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