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11 Oct
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Weather is a subject that is used in our daily lives, so it is good to know some of the words relating to it. The following list can come handy to you in time of use. Different types of weather conditions:

Cloudy- when the sky has clouds

It was cloudy yesterday but it didn’t rain.

Below freezing – it is when the temperature is going below zero degrees Celsius(32F)

The weather is going below freezing tonight.

Snow/snowing/snowy- when snow is coming down.

It was snowy yesterday but today is not.

Fog/foggy: It was so foggy that cars could not move easily.

Rainy- when it is raining.

Tomorrow is going to be rainy.

Raining cats and dogs- when it is raining heavily.

The game was canceled because it was raining cats and dogs.

Shower- quick or light rainstorm

There is going to be showers this afternoon.

Sun/sunshine/sunny- when there is no cloud in the sky

Today is sunny and clear.

Thunder/thunderstorm- the loud noise heard during a rainy weather

We closed the windows because of the thunderstorm.

Wind/windy- blowing air outside

Most of the trees are broken because of the yesterday windy weather.

Clear- when there is nothing in the sky.

I like the sky at night because it is so clear that you can see the stars.

Rainbow- a band of color found in the sky after raining

I always wish for something when I see a rainbow.

Different types of weather temperature:

The words used are cold- cool- mild- warm- hot- boiling hot.

Last winter was really cold.

My town gets a little cool in fall.

I like spring because the weather is mild.

Last summer was not warm at all.Everybody was surprised why.

The weather in our city gets really hot in summer.

The weather in deserts is boiling hot.

The forecast is the term used to predict the weather.

According to the weather forecast, it is going to rain tomorrow morning.

Meteorologist- is the person who forecasts the weather.

Meteorologists believe that there is going to be a sunny day tomorrow.

Hope these weather terms come handy when needed.


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