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21 Aug
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In English there are many words that can be misunderstood. let's look at some of them. 


Advice/advise :

Advice is a noun; (She gave me a piece of advice.)

Advise is a verb;(She advised me not to go there.)



Affect is usually used as a verb; (His speech affected the audience.)

Effect on the other hand is usually used as a noun;(The effect of his action is unknown.)




Among is used in American English and amongst is used in British English. Both of them are correct to use but Americans find it strange to use amongst in a sentence.



Among expresses a collective or loose relationship of several items: Chester found a letter hidden among the papers on the desk.

Between expresses the relationship of one thing to another thing or to many other things: Posey spent all day carrying messages between Chester and the other students. The idea that between can be used only when talking about two things is a myth—it’s perfectly correct to use between if you are talking about multiple binary relationships.


Assure means to tell someone that something will definitely happen or is hundred percent true. (I assure you that your flight is on time.)

Ensure means to make sure of something; (He ensured me of keeping the secret.)

Insure means to take out an insurance policy: (I have insured my car for one year.)



Breath is a noun. It is the air going in and out of your lungs. (for relaxations make deep breaths.)

Breathe is a verb. It means to exhale or inhale. (He breaths heavily when he is sleeping.)



A complement is something that completes something else. It’s often used to describe things that go well together: Her blouse and skirt were a perfect complement.

A compliment is a nice thing to say: She liked the compliments that everyone gave her.



Defence is used in British English whereas defense in used in American English.



These two Latin abbreviations are often mixed up, but e.g. means “for example,” while i.e. means “that is.”



Farther refers to physical distance: Jack can run farther than David.

Further refers to metaphorical distance: Jack is further away from finishing his project than David is.



Gray is used in American English spelling.

Grey is used in British English spelling.



It’s is a contraction of “it is”: It’s possible that she calls today.

Its is a possessive pronoun that means “belonging to it”: Chester is obsessed with both the book and its author.

As you know language is like an ocean. There is no end to it so there are sure many other confusing words to know about.



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