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25 Sep
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cars, trains, buses, planes and other transportation vehicles are not only used to move us around but they can be used in the English language to express our ideas. There are some interesting idioms using transportation forms that is good to know about. Here are some of them and their examples.


To get on your bike: (to get moving)

John’s mother told him to get on his bike now that he is graduated.


To be in the same boat: (to be in the same situation; usually not very pleasant one)

The situation at the office was not very well last month, but it was soothing that we all were in the same boat.



To have a face like the back end of a bus: (to be really ugly)

She is a nice person but she has a face like the back end of a bus.



Carpool: (A group of cars owned by a company or other organization which can be used by any of its employees.)

I go to work by our company’s carpool.



Drive someone up the wall: (to make someone very angry)

That is the last time I baby seat Jill’s child. She drove me up the wall last night.


Take flight: (to run away)

The minute the cat saw the dog it took a flight and disappeared.


Hit and run: (an accident where the driver hits someone and doesn’t stop to help)

The police are after the hit and run driver that caused a death last night.


Port of call: (a place to stop in a short journey)

We had too many ports of calls that we had a delay.


Down the road: (sometime in the future)

You will improve later down the road don’t be disappointed.


To get the show on the road: (starting a plan)

It’s time to get the show on the road. We have been working on this for a long time.


The fast track: (the quickest way to get to the goal)

If we want to see the result soon we’d better use the fast track.


Lose track: (not knowing where you are going or heading anymore; losing the goal in life)

By the time they got divorced they lost track of each other.


Travel light: (not having too much thing while traveling)

My mom always tells me to travel light cause it’s easier to move around the town.


Hope these idioms can help you somewhere along the road of learning English.


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