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5 Oct
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Do you know anything about crutch words? Words that don’t have any special meanings but are used to give ourselves more time to think or emphasize something.

Crutch words are used in all languages but here we tell you about some English ones.



Actually is a perfect crutch word that means something exists in reality. For example, you can say “I actually have no idea “.



Literally, gives a strict meaning of a word. Something that is very much true word by word. It is not exaggerated. “I literally walked two kilometers today.” It means I really, truly walked two kilometers no doubt about it.



Basically is used to show simplicity, confidence or truth. “Basically, she is not good for the position.”



This crutch word doesn’t have to be very much true but shows a sense of authority and what the speaker thinks about something from the bottom of his/her heart. “Honestly, I don’t know why she did that.”



Like is a very used crutch word in English. It doesn’t have “the same” meaning at all. It is just a tic word that people use as a habit in their speaking.


Now you have an idea about the words that you may hear without even having any meanings. But, try not to use them in your conversation because they make your listener tired and bored. It doesn’t sound good if you hear a word over and over again. Knowing them is good but try not to use them a lot because you will see that they become a tic before you can have any control over them.


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