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7 Sep
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As we all know sugar is a word that even when you think of it you feel sweetness. But what is a sugar cube in English?

Sugar cubes are small lumps of sugar shaped into cubes. You put them in cups of tea and coffee.

Another word for sugar cube is sugar lump.

How many sugar lumps do you want in your tea?

Place two to three sugar cubes in your tea. Stir it until they dissolve.

As you see the word “sugar” is uncountable but the word “sugar cube” is countable.

Put some sugar in your tea.

Put some sugar cubes in your tea.

Some idioms with sugar:


Sugar daddy: A woman's sugar daddy is a rich older man who gives her money and presents in return for her company, affection, and friendship.

Example: She loved her sugar daddy.


Sugar candy: large crystals of sugar formed by suspending strings in a strong sugar solution that hardens on the strings, used chiefly for sweetening coffee.

Example: I always use sugar candy in my morning tea.


Sugar bowl: A sugar bowl is a small bowl in which sugar is kept.

Example: He keeps salt in the sugar bowl and is contrite when the photographer takes a gulp of salty tea.


Sugar cane: Sugar cane is a tall tropical plant. It is grown for the sugar that can be obtained from its thick stems.

Example: Wearing only a pair of dirty ripped shorts, he chewed on a stem of sugar cane.


Sugar diabetes: it’s an informal name for a disease called diabetes mellitus

Example: Her mother has sugar diabetes.


Sugar gum: A small eucalyptus tree, having smooth bark and barrel-shaped fruits and grown for timber and ornament. It has sweet-tasting leaves which are often eaten by livestock. Now is used in chewing gums.

Example: Nowadays, chewing gums use less sugar gum.


These were just some phrases using sugar. Although many people think eating sugar is not healthy and many more are on diet, still, sugar is a big industry and remains one of the biggest sweeteners in the world.


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