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15 Aug
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What is the difference between house and home?

When should I use them properly without making any mistakes? Let’s look at each one’s definition.

A house is a building made for people.

A home is a place where a family lives or a familiar place or space can be called home. So, when you want to talk about the building itself use house.


My house is the blue one on main street.

I own a house in Florida.

Use home when you want to talk about a familiar place or a family living inside the place.


He welcomed the visitors into his home with open arms.

We were thrilled to finally have a home of our own.

(or it can be about the people living in a house)


They have a happy home.

Home is where the heart is.

(or the place someone lived as a child)


New York will always be home to us.

House is more general for building. Home is more personal and involves the people inside.



Other words that may be confusing to use are travel and trip. You may have different words for traveling in your language but how are they comparing to English words? Words such as travel and trip.

What is the difference between travel and trip?

Travel is a general word used and it means moving from one place to another usually a long distance. It is usually used as a verb.


I traveled to Japan last summer.

Air travel is getting more expensive.

It also can be used in plural form.


Where did you go on your travels?

Jack has written all about his travels in a notebook.

Trip on the other hand describes the whole process of going somewhere and coming back and is used as a noun in English.


We went on a three-week trip to Scotland.

He’s gone on a business trip.


Journey (noun):

A journey means moving from one place to another, especially in a vehicle. It is a single piece of travel. A journey can also be a regular thing. Here is an example.

Let’s say we go from London to Leeds then back again. That is two journeys (London to Leeds is the first journey, Leeds to London is the second journey). We can say: a bus journey, a train journey, the journey to school, my journey to work. Be careful with the plural: journey NOT journeys. How long does your journey to work take? Did you have a good journey? Did you have a good travel?



This word is not very much used anymore. It is used as a noun and it means a long trip at sea or space.

For Example:

A voyage around the world often took four or five years.

At the age of twenty three, he made his first voyage to the new world.



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