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26 Oct
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Idioms related to media in English


Surf the net/web: to spend time on different pages on the internet


He stayed up all night surfing the net.

Surfing the net is one of his hobbies.


Get your wires crossed: a misunderstanding that happens between people


I am afraid the receptionist got his wires crossed and he booked the wrong room for you.

Pay attention to what I am saying and don’t get your wires crossed.


To take by storm: to get people’s attention


The new movie is taking theaters by storm.

Her presence after some years took people by storm.


It went viral: something that spreads out quickly and widely


Mary was surprised by how her wedding news went viral.

Her secret went viral in no time.


Behind closed doors: the things happening in secret and away from public eyes


Our boss had a meeting today behind closed doors.

The two country leaders met each other behind closed doors.


Both sides of the coin: to see the two points of a view in an argument


A good diplomat should see both sides of the coin.

Judge Henry is a fair judge. He always sees both sides of the coin.


Lift the curtain: to make something public


She is going to lift the curtain about her secret tonight.

Her best friend lifted the curtain of her life and she didn’t like it at all.


No news is good news: if you don’t hear any news it means nothing went wrong


Any news from your parents? No, no news is good news.


Whistle-blower: a person who tells reporters and police about a secret


The journalist was a whistle-blower in the town.

The police were looking for a whistle-blower to help them finding the rubber.


Turn a blind eye: to pretend that you haven’t seen anything


Many of us just turn a blind eye to the poor.

She turned a blind eye to her problems at home.


Hope these idioms come handy to you.


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