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30 Oct
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Slangs are words that are informal and usually, friends and close relatives use them. Here are some English slangs that are good to know about.



The word means something wonderful and it is widely used by young and adults to older people. It can be said in a sentence or just one-word reply.


The movie that we watched last night was awesome.



The slang means something ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’. Take should be taken while using it because it has another meaning and that is for weather condition which means cold.


Our new teacher seems cool, everybody at school loves her.


To hang out

It means how or where you spend your free time and spend it.


Where do you usually hang out at weekends?


Chill out

The slang simply means to relax and do nothing.


We’re just chilling out this weekend.



We know there are many things that have wheels – a car, a motorbike, a bike and even wheelbarrow but when somebody refers to their wheels they are talking about their car.


Nice wheels! The color is awesome.


To be amped

When you are super excited about something to happen then you are amped.


I can’t wait to see the show tonight. I am so amped.



If you refer to someone as a babe, it means that you think they’re hot and attractive. Be careful though, you should only use this when speaking to another person and not the babe because they may get offended.


My new friend is a babe.



Catching someone while doing something that they shouldn’t do.


She got busted while stealing the secrets.


To have a blast

If the slang is used between friends it means that they had a great time.


The party we went to last night was a blast.


To have a crush (on somebody )

To have a crush on somebody is a great feeling and it means that you’re attracted to somebody and would like them to be more than just your friend. And if somebody has a crush on you, well it’s the same – they like you in a more intimate way.


Some students usually have a crush on their beautiful teachers.


To dump somebody

If a person is dumped it means the boyfriend or the girlfriend has broken the bond and their relationship.


Mark dumped his girlfriend because they didn’t have anything in common.


To be continued….

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