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24 Sep
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There are some words or phrases in our languages when used automatically bring a certain kind of feelings to us. The English language is not an exception. Here we bring some phrases used in English that have sad meanings even if you don’t say much when you use them.


Back to school:

It’s obvious that kids don’t like to hear these three words. They usually like to have fun with their friends and going to school brings them some kind of negative mood. Goodbye: We all have felt the pain of our dearest going away by saying goodbye. So this little word has a lot of sad feelings behind it. It can be the end of a relationship or a finishing line in general.



The minute you hear somebody has a broken heart you immediately think about the pain that one is tolerating because we all have experienced it in our lives one way or another.


If only:

when there are some wishes and dreams that have never come true this expression is used. If only I have met you earlier.



A person with no company and friends feels lonely. The word itself explains why it gives you sad feelings. Love: Yes, love is one of those words that can be used with happy feelings and sad feelings. It gives you wonderful feelings if you have got the result of your heart, on the other hand, most people have felt the loss of a love and it is usually listed with the words accompanying sad feelings.



This word has the worst meaning in medical context. It means that a life has ended or is going to end.


What party?

Well, it may not seem to be so sad but what if there has been a big and exciting party and nobody invited you to it…that is the worst feelings that you may get. Nobody counted you or wanted you to be there with the crowd. Not a good feeling ha?



The word means a stressful mind or someone with no good mood. A person who is depressed and has no good feelings about life and has always negative thoughts cannot bring us a good and positive feeling and so does the word relating to it.


Hope you never experience bad feelings but that is life with its ups and downs.

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