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11 Oct
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In learning English some verbs are followed by certain prepositions. Here we have a small list of them with a sentence to follow as an example.


Apply for: I have applied for the job offer and I still haven’t got any news.

Argue with: My mother argued with my teacher about my grade.

Argue about: We argued about the problem yesterday.

Apologize for: she apologized for her bad behavior.

Begin with: Our class began with an introduction of students.

Believe in: I don’t believe in ghosts.

Blame somebody for: She blamed her son for spilling his milk.

Borrow from: His friend borrowed some money from him.

Care for/about: We cared for her a lot. They didn’t care about the problem

Choose between: They had to choose between the old house and the new house.

Confess to: The lady confessed to the priest in the old church.

Cope with: He usually copes with the difficulties very well.

Dedicate to: She dedicated her life to the poor.

Discuss with: We discussed with each other about the problem for two hours.

Dream of/about: I always dream of somewhere strange at nights. Her dream was about yesterday’s trip.

Drink to: let’s drink to our health.

Escape from: The animals escaped from the fire in hurry.

Explain to: Our teacher explained the lesson to us three times.

Expel from: John was expelled from school yesterday.

Emerge from: Mushrooms emerge from the soil after heavy raining.

Face with: We all have to face with realities.

Feel about: Do you have a feeling about your friend?

Forget about: Her family forgets about her.

Get married to: Mary is going to get married to Mike.

Get rid of: We have to get rid of the spider in the kitchen.

Hide from: The thief tried to hide from the police but he couldn’t.

Hope for: The all hoped for the best.

Insist on: The child insisted on playing outside.

Invest in: Don’t invest your money in that business.

Know about: Our neighbor knew about us moving today.

Listen to: I like listening to music while I’m taking a shower.

Meet with: I met him with his wife while they were shopping downtown.

Pay for: We all pay for our bad decisions.

Pray for: I pray for him every night to get better.

Rely on: Don’t rely on something that is not true.


There are much more verbs with their prepositions that are going to be mentioned later.


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