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25 Nov
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The word “pop” is one of those words in English that has many meanings and here are just some examples.


A pop: in every occasion or circumstances

She gets paid $60 a pop.

Whenever we have a class with her there is a pop quiz.


Pop out: to appear suddenly

We didn’t expect David at the party but he popped out of nowhere.

I am not sure if she comes or not, she may pop out any minute.


Pop out: go somewhere quickly without any notice

Jim popped out the meeting and left everybody surprised.

Don’t pop out tonight. Let me know if you’re coming in advance.


Pop out: go out for few minutes

I’m sorry Mr. Brown is not in right now; he has just popped out.

The cat popped out the house and the owner started chasing her.


Pop back: to come back from a place soon

James is popping back don’t go out and wait for him.

Don’t worry about him he pops back any minute.


Pop round: to visit someone without notice

I’m going to pop round Jenny’s tomorrow to borrow some money from her.

My best friend popped round me yesterday and brought lots of joy for me.


Pop by: when someone visits you without any notice

Don’t pop by me. Let me know what time you’re coming so I’m ready.

Let’s pop by my mother’s house. She will be happy.


Pop into: put something somewhere quickly

She popped her umbrella into her bag before leaving the house.

I popped into his car in just a moment.


Pop: putting something quickly into your mouth

He popped the pill into his mouth and took a sip of water.

She didn’t want me to know what she’s eating so she popped it into her mouth.


Pop: when your eyes are widening with surprise

She was so surprised with the news that her eyes were popped.

The diamond ring on her hand left everybody with popped eyes.


Pop: when something suddenly opens

My shirt button just popped open.

The door was popped and she came in.


Pop: a fizzy soft drink

I like drinking pops.

I’ve drunk so much pop today that I feel my stomach is going to blow.


Pop: a light explosion sound

The champagne bottle popped and everyone cheered.

The can popped and left me scared of the sound.



Now you see how many meanings there are just for one little word of “pop”.

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