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27 Aug
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One of the rules that an English learner should know is that in a sentence when using a singular noun the verb should also be a singular one and the noun is plural the verb should be plural too.

For example:

The girl is eating an apple.

The girls are eating apples.

But there are some nouns that don’t have a plural form in English. What are they?

Well, a long list can be made but here are just some common nouns that do not have any plural forms.



Baggage/Luggage: The bags that contain all your clothes and other items

When you are traveling Don’t lose your luggage. (NOT don’t lose your luggages.)

We don’t have much baggage when we travel.


Evidence: A proof needed to show that something is right.

The police didn’t find any evidence against him.

He left the house without leaving any evidence.


Furniture: Any movable items in your house like the sofa- chair- table…

They changed the furniture.

We buy our furniture from the big shop at the corner.



Homework: the assignment that students get from School.

Their teacher gives them too much homework.

She is the number one student in doing her homework.


Housework: different tasks or things you do at home to maintain it like cleaning.

I help my mother with the housework.

The housework is done by a maid here.


Jewelry: Any accessory that we wear like earrings, bracelets…

He has a big jewelry shop.

The necklace is the one I like in jewelry.


Money: coins and notes used as currency

She gets a lot of money for working there.

Lots of money was stolen from the bank last night.


Music: An instrumental or vocal sound

Turn down the music; the baby is asleep.

Jazz is my favorite music.


News: information about current events from around the world

I always watch the evening news.

Did you hear the news?


Pajamas: clothing you wear at night and at home

I bought pajamas for my dad’s birthday.

I always wear pajamas when I go to bed.


Sheep: An animal

The shepherd takes the sheep out to the meadow every day.

The sheep around here are the best.


Pants: trousers, a piece of clothing

I like his brown pants.

I don’t like women wear pants.


Of course, there are much more nouns that do not have any plural forms but these are the most common ones used in the English language.





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