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20 Nov
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What is the difference between a photographer and a paparazzi?

A photographer as we all know is a person who takes pictures or photos for different reasons but a paparazzi is a person who chases celebrities or famous people to get an opportunity of having a photo of them.

They usually work for a magazine or a journal to sell their pictures to.

The paparazzi are distinct from photographers who work in situations — posed photo shoots for magazines, red carpets, and parties — that allow celebrities control over how they appear. The paparazzi’s quest for raw, candid photos places them, as photography scholar Carol Squires argues, “outside the bounds of polite photography.” There is an anti-aesthetic to paparazzi photographs that reject the “official,” glamorous views of the rich and famous.

The best paparazzi photographs emphasize fleeting, stolen moments, ideally produced without the subject knowing he or she is being photographed. Of course, celebs are not very favor of these people because wherever they go there is someone who wants to take pictures of them and in some cases, they even invade their private area which causes some tension for them.

Every day, celebrities and paparazzi are engaged in an ongoing struggle in cities, nightclubs and other public places around the world. The nature of this struggle is most often defined by celebrities, by those in their employ and by those sympathetic to their perceived plight, all of whom speak in terms of a fight for privacy — the right to be left alone.

Justin Bieber lunging at an allegedly insulting photographer; Alec Baldwin chasing down a photographer who got too close to his family; Kanye West attacking a photographer at LAX — the paparazzi in these stories are often seen as hunters, stalkers, bullies, lawbreakers.

They endanger their celebrity victims, their families, and even bystanders.

Celebs don’t like them but people do. People would like to know everything about their celebrities and because of this thirst for knowledge they don’t care if they cause any problems for them.

As long as they know what’s going on in their lives it’s ok with them.

Like it or not, paparazzi exists and famous people have to escape from them to keep their privacy.

Of course, sometimes they don’t mind because by being in magazines and journals they are known more and stay alive in the path of fame.


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