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11 Sep
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Have you ever experienced how much it can be different dealing with people who have positive attitudes versing negative ones?

Let’s put it this way. Which one do you prefer to spend time with, a person who sees the best in the world or a person who is always nagging and complaining about everything?

A normal person would choose the first one because negative people steal our energy.

In English, there are two words special for these two kinds of personalities; “optimistic” being the positive one and “pessimistic” with all the negative charges in the world.

Optimistic people see the best in the world. A pessimistic person expects the worst in every situation.

Why not take a look at the differences between them and see which one you are.

Optimists Believe They Are In Control:

Optimists believe that they can make plans for their future and have control over their lives. They believe with hard working in life any goals can be achieved. on the other hand, pessimists often feel no sense of control over their lives. If they believed they had control, they wouldn’t be pessimists, because that would mean that they choose negative outcomes.


Optimists look forward in life:

Optimists don’t get stuck in the past. What is gone is gone. They value the treasure of present time. Because the present is neutral and anything good or bad can happen depending on our decisions. Pessimists, however, look ahead and see a bleak future, but they often base it on the past, where they like to hang out. Do you know of any super successful and happy people who see their future as bleak? If so, it’s probably because of some recent news or traumatic event, not their past.


Optimists are confident:

Optimists believe they can overcome whatever life throws at them and continue on their way. Pessimists don’t believe this and are “victims” of circumstance. If you lack confidence, you might be a pessimist for the simple reason that you don’t believe you can do it. The best way to fix this problem is to learn the skills you need in order to succeed. Change your definition of success to progress and focus on what you can succeed with now.


Optimists See Possibility. Pessimists See Problems:

The positive-minded person says, “What should I do next? There are so many exciting options!” The negative-minded person says, “What should I do next? I’ve got so many problems to deal with!”

We all have problems in our lives but the important thing is how we look at them, as a lesson to make us stronger and wiser or obstacles to stop us from improving?

So now what kind of a person are you? Are you a person who is eager to wake up every day and make a better life for yourself and others around you or are you a person who always thinks about the problems and is not very happy with living at all?



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