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11 Nov
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Obesity is a condition where a person has so much fat that it may put the person’s health at risk.

But why do some people become obese?

Many reasons can cause obesity such as consuming too many calories, having a sluggish lifestyle, sleeping problem, endocrine disruptors, lower rate of smoking, medications that make patients put on weight or obesity gene. These are the factors that can cause obesity in people.

Because of the body shape, they may lose their confidence in society and it also affects their health. Therefore, if you have the problem then the following points can help you.


Love yourself the way you are

No matter what size or shape you are, you should like yourself the way you are. Believe that you deserve to be loved, secured and respected.

Instead of being hopeless or angry with yourself trying to find out some questions relating to your situations. Questions like how obesity has affected on your life and what are the things that you can do to get rid of it.

If you cannot do it alone it’s better to use a professional help.


Avoid having stress

Sometimes people overeat when they have stress and it adds to your problem. Stress can also have a biological effect on your body. At any rate, avoid stress and try to overcome it.

To do that you can do the followings:

Do meditation. By doing so you can have a better control on your breathing and bring back peace to your mind.

Do crafting if you like it. It takes your attention away from problems and brings you more relaxation.

If you are not a crafting person make yourself busy with any kind of hobbies that you like, such as photography or gardening.

Volunteering is a great stress reducer that has wonderful physical and emotional effects. You can volunteer in person, at a retirement home, or online, as a transcriptionist for a museum, for example. You’ll help your community and lower your stress.



Don’t stay alone

Staying alone makes you more focused on your problems and it can bring you more anxiety. Go to your friends and family and talk about your goals. Ask them for any ideas and be sure that you will receive more assurance, encouragement, and guidance. Although it is your problem and it is a personal issue, you don’t have to deal with it alone and away from others. Sometimes, being with others can help us more.


There are many problems and obstacles in our lives and obesity is one of them. But like for everything else, there is always an answer for every problem. The decision is yours to make.

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