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25 Oct
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While you learn English as your second language it is interesting to know that each year some new words are introduced to the dictionary you use while learning. Here are some new words added to English dictionary in 2016.


Mahalo (noun)

It is a Hawaiian word and it means “thank you”. It is very much used in surfer culture.

Example: Mahalo to the person who helped the blind man passing the street.


Wow, factor (noun)

In the English language when something impresses you very much you say “wow”, so something that makes you say wow is a wow factor.

Example: The car you bought yesterday was good but the red one that you ignored because of the price was a wow factor.

Camelcase (noun)

It means the practice of writing compound words with the first letter of each smaller piece capitalized. As you know a camel has a hump that is higher than the other parts of the body and the capitalized letter is the same as the hump in the camel.

Example: Don’t forget to capitalize M in Microsoft. Always write it in camelcase.


Listicle (noun)

It is a mixture of “list” and “article”. Therefore, it means a piece of writing in a magazine, newspaper or a website that is in a form of a list.

Example: Most people prefer reading listicles than lengthy reports.


Fro-yo (noun)

It means frozen yogurt. It is a quicker way of saying frozen yogurt and it is not surprising because to make it sound easier some words are made like that in the English language.

Example: let’s have some fro-yo after dinner.


Dive bar (noun)

It means an unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular group of clients.

Example: I don’t want to get too dressed up tonight.

Can we just go to the dive bar down the street and have a few drinks? A dive bar (sometimes shortened just to “dive”) is a very broad term. It can mean anything from a comfortable bar down the street that isn’t especially pretty but that is perfect for a few cheap drinks, to a dirty bar that isn’t somewhere you’d like to spend a lot of time.


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