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22 Oct
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What is the meaning of content?

It’s a feeling of happiness. When we feel fulfilled and satisfied with our situation then we are content with what we have. But if you talk to people you realize that most of us are not content even the very richest people still have some nagging about life. Although there is no relationship between happiness and being rich what so ever and it has been seen that less fortunate people or families are much more content and happy with their lives compared to the rich. Why not look at some of the factors that cause people not to be content.


Constant comparing

Unfortunately, it’s our habit to constantly compare our lives with others. As we socialize in our society and meet other people in our daily lives we constantly keep ourselves in their shoes and compare our desires, emotions, financial conditions and other things with them.

Constant comparing keeps our focus away from our own belongings and we lose our self-esteem which in term results in feeling discontent.



Another character of ours as a human is our curiosity. We always like to know about everything and as we try to find out about other things we realize that there are things that we don’t have or even can’t have at all. When we feel that there are things that we like to have but it’s impossible it makes us not very content.



Ambition is good. With ambition, we go after our biggest dreams and discover new things. As we explore new things for better future a feeling of not being happy with what we have in our hands grows up. Again this results in not being content.


The desire for a change

If our life goes on a straight line and nothing new happens in it, we get bored and tired of that. That’s why we always like to change our situations to avoid boredom. The desire for changing our lives and the strive for that sometimes brings us discontent.


To please others

The human being is not for living alone. We need to be with others and so if we live with other people it’s natural that we want others to approve us. We try to satisfy other people needs so they accept us in their social circle. But we should also know it is not an easy job to satisfy and please everybody. This nonsense makes us sometimes discontent with ourselves.


In general, we cannot fight with being ambitious or our curiosity, because if we deny them no innovation happens in our lives but at the same time we should control our feelings in a way that we are able to enjoy what we have too.


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